Joe Pearson


Touché, 2019

Oil on aluminium

80 x 60 cm



20% will be donated to the NHS

Joe Pearson's current work exists through the accessing of formative memories and engaging with them to allow disruptions to occur within the concerns of the present. Uncanny, nostalgic and melancholic proposals of an alternative result from the pursuit of articulating out-of-reach feelings and ideas, abstracted through the fog and shadow of memory. Often turning to medieval local folklore, forgotten pop culture, ignored and unpopular contemporary virtual imagery and personal history to be boiled down into a concentrate that can be applied to figures that take shape in painting and drawing.

Touché has roots in classical figuration and portraiture, but is seen through a contemporary lens, possibly one of a place we are unfamiliar with, or do not have access to. It exists in an ether that does not conform to time or duration, but exists as object within an empty space, left to absorb the otherworldly qualities to which it has been exposed.

Pearson is currently completing his MA at the Royal Academy.