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Alexi Marshall at Object Relations

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

British artist Alexi Marshall is showing artworks at Object Relations event Saturday 15th of March.

Object Relations is a collaborative exhibition and multidisciplinary party series in an intimate loft space in North East London.

For its 7th Edition, the event explores themes of Touch, Telepathy and Generative sound; founders, partners, plants and surroundings are used as expressive instruments in one of the largest warehouse spaces.

ART Exhibition by Alexi Marshall Conscious Dance Workshop led by Tara Farrell Sound Installation by Laa Visuals by Cordelia Nagle Visuals by New Dionysians (Live)


Lewis Evans + Finn Carter

Body Dream (live)

Zoya (DJ) and many more.

Learn more here

Date: Saturday 15th March

Location: Unit 58, N17 9QU, London

#AlexiMarshall #exhibition

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