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Architect's Journal review

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Rupert Bickersteth wrote an interesting review of our exhibition The Light in the World is Without a Significant Plan, titled "Seeing architecture in a different light".

Here is an excerpt:

"Flooded with natural light on the corner of Kensington Park Road and Westbourne Grove, the striking work of Jemma Appleby provides an immediate graphic punch as you enter the Daniel Benjamin Gallery. Appleby is one of three female artists exhibited by the gallery and brought under the title The Light in the World is Without a Significant Plan in a show curated by gallery director Andrea P Maffioli.

Appleby’s work investigates the subject of architecture and space. She uses black charcoal to create precise architectural shapes, astonishingly, by hand. The level of exactitude in the lines and the subtle gradation of tone and shadow is all the more impressive once you learn that she produces her work entirely by hand. The finished pieces look almost like they could be artistic renders or AdobeSuite design work, or an immaculate etching or lithographic print. On very close inspection there is the satisfying, if tiny, splinter of the charcoal along the lines where the masking tape has been lifted.

These minuscule ascriptions to the human process enliven the work and imbue the ghostly architectural subjects with personal feeling. As Appleby herself acknowledges, the works ‘amplify each environment’s simplicity and purity with an aim of clarification. These clean minimal spaces offer little information yet have an authority to describe a magnitude. The non-narrative architectural spaces make enquiries of the memory, knowledge and experience of human space.’ It is very effective image making and worth making the trip to the gallery for these works alone."


Read the full article HERE

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