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Big Fat Narcissist by Ant Hamlyn

Ant Hamlyn’s solo exhibition, called ‘Big Fat Narcissist’, is now open at Lungley Gallery. Ant was featured with a variety of artworks in our exhibition with Space Station Gallery titled “Pareidolia”.

“Big Fat Narcissist” explores a variety of subjects based on the roles that are operated and controlled through actions and their perceived and long-term social significance that occur and aspire within our contemporary society. His practise continues to inspect the manufacture of objects as well as the craftsmanship of kinetic and visual performative language.

Based on Hector Campbell’s words, “The exhibition’s titular work embodies Hamlyn’s use of tongue-in-cheek, subversive and self-deprecating humour to address prevalent cultural issues. The openly egotistical and aspirational act of having one's name in lights is instantly alluring to viewers, praying on their inherent narcissistic tendencies and implied response, “Me?”. However, in reality, the works incessant pleas for consideration are undermined by its own muted and sparse illuminations, attracting the attention of the viewers only to leave them disappointed”.

Adding to this Campbell mentions, “Shifting enthusiasms, managing emotions and controlling expectations are therapeutic tools Hamlyn, who grew up during the advent of the internet and came of age surrounded by social media, has had to learn to exercise in and of himself, and tools which he attempts to impart to his viewers. In the contemporary culture of influencers, over-sharing and instant gratification it is all too easy for this works allegorical intention to be overlooked, overshadowed and outshone”.

Big Fat Narcissists is now open at Lungley Gallery, from 4th October to 27th October.

Click here for more information about the exhibition

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