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"Crowd" with Xiuching Tsay and Yulia Iosilzon

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Xiuching Tsay and Yulia Iosilzon are part of a group show called "Crowd" at Hannah Barry Gallery.

Woe to those who, to the very end, insist on regulating the movement that exceeds them.  – Georges Bataille

Artists participating in the show:

Charlie Billingham, Lydia Blakeley, Sharon Eyal, Danny Fox, Christopher Hartmann, Norman Hyams, Kingsley Ifill, Yulia Iosilzon, Damien Jalet, Dale Lewis, James Lincoln, George Rouy, Xiuching Tsay and Harley Weir.

Dates: 20 February - 4 April

Location: 4 Holly Grove, Peckham SE12 5DF

Learn more here

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