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Eleni Odysseos Exhibition in Nicosia

Eleni Odysseos is currently displaying the artwork ‘The Thinker’ at the Korai Project Space in Nicosia, Cyprus until 11 January 2019. The exhibition ‘Be Water Again’, curated by Theodoulos Polyviou and Panos Giannikopoulos, reunites different artists whose works revolve around human and non-human agents. The concept of water as a fundamental part of humans is explored, together with the reflection on the relationship between individuals and the meaning of ‘we’ as a first-person plural pronoun.

The curators explain ‘Becoming “water” is a tool for destroying the foundation that has been hosting heteronormative and ethnocentric ways of being; becoming water is to desire and seduce differently and through this to cause the sense of self to collapse, diffusing it with others’

The Korai Project Space is a non-for-profit space dedicated to research in the field of arts. Founded in 2017, it is a ground-breaking space that explores the limit of curational agency and enhances dialogues and artistic practices through the discussion and the production of artistic projects. Korai is a platform to exchange ideas and artistic envisions between artists, on a local and international level.

More info about the exhibition: LINK

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