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Liz West at Lille Tripostal

Liz West has a new work included in the forthcoming lille3000 exhibition 'Colors, etc' at Le Tripostal in Lille, France.

The exhibition will open today 19th May and it will be viewable until 14 November 2021.


"Remain in Light" comprises of eight individually coloured columns clad in mirrors, scrim and light. The work explores the illusion and physicality of colour and light in space. Through reflection and saturation, these ethereal constructs help multiply and exaggerate the architecture, creating beacons of colour and light that radiate around and across the space. The work allows visitors to become performer within the work as they move in and around the installation in order to see and explore the changing optics and colours mixing, as well as their surroundings and own reflection saturated in different hues. Photos by Maxime Dufour.


The exhibition Colors, etc. in Tripostal, Lille focuses on experiencing colors. It will tickle all our senses and visitors will be invited to explore, feel, feel, hear, colour through a series of immersive installations.

Other artists in the show will include Anish Kapoor, Fernando Laposse, Klaas Rommelaere, Nick Vesrtand to name a few.

In the meantime in London the monumental installation Hundreds and Thousands will be on view for the entire summer at The Tide, North Greenwich.

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