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Mapping the Discordant Blues

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Artist Paula Morison is having an upcoming exhibition called Mapping the Discordant Blues at A Room Upstairs Gallery.

This exhibition focuses on the UK and its current national identity. The artist has created a new installation which examines online coverage of Brexit, with a particular emphasis on the imagery used.

From 1st November 2019, the previous proposed day for the UK to leave the EU, Paula Morison has been completing a daily online image search for the word 'Brexit' and saving the first two lines of results. She has been altering and amending these images and using them to create the installation in the gallery. The work strives to build up a picture of this divided nation and the media response to Brexit.

Opening: Friday 31st January 2020, 6-10 pm

Dates: 1st February - 28th February 2020. Open by appointment and Sundays 12-5pm

Location: A Room Upstairs Gallery, The Bow Bells pub, 116 Bow Road, London, E3 3AA.

The gallery is situated on the first floor of the pub.

Learn more here


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