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Nour El Saleh residency with VO

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

VO Curations are featuring the artworks of Nour El Saleh for a three month residency, working towards her solo show commencing in September 2019. Established in 2018, VO Curations are a curatorial platform representing contemporary art in unexpected spaces situated in Paris and London. The curatorial label focuses on reestablishing traditional and incongruous spaces, in order to construct a contemporary viewing experience. The reconceptualisation of everyday spaces invites a more unprecedented and unique exhibiting process. Spanning a 5000 sq ft area, VO Curations’ new space is located in Waterloo, exhibiting the works and installations of young international artists, preceding their four themed exhibitions per year. VO Curations have used locations such as 93 Baker Street to serve as an unconventional space to exhibit the avant-garde artistic styles of up and coming young artists such as Alexander James, Sonya Derviz, Morgan Ward, Olivia Bax and Richie Culver. In keeping with the fast paced and impermanent nature of the project, they will relocate to a new urban location in Autumn 2019.

Nour El Saleh was part of the exhibition Figurative NOW at Daniel Benjamin Gallery. She recently graduated from Slade School of Art and was included in exhibitions in London, Moscow, Hong Kong and York.

More about Nour El Saleh HERE

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