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Presence by Liz West

Barnaby Festival has commissioned British artist Liz West to create Presence for Christ Church, Macclesfield. Presence is made up of hundreds of colour transmitting dichroic panels running the whole length of the aisle creating a shimmering kaleidoscopic tunnel of colour and light. This open-ended tunnel allows visitors to walk inside the structure and become immersed within the work. The work will feature cool colours ranging from purples through to greens and blues on one side and warm corals, pinks and yellows on the other.

Liz West says: “ I want viewers to be present in the moment and immersed within the work, temporarily removed from the clamor of everyday life. The parade and spectacle of walking down an aisle inspired the form of Presence. Creating a one-way tunnel helps direct and choreograph the visitor’s experience of Christ Church by enveloping them in this luminous tunnel and placing them in position as performer within the work. When you stand at the end of the installation you can look up at the impressive and historical stained glass windows through the wall of colour making a meditative and spiritual experience.” The reflective and refractive nature of the material projects coloured light across the entire space, helping to reveal parts of the architecture that would otherwise be missed. Dr Abi Gilmore, Co Chair Of Barnaby Festival, said: “We are so thrilled to be able to present Liz West's work in the beautiful Christ Church in the heart of Macclesfield. We couldn't ask more from a Barnaby arts commission than to provide people with a transcending immersive experience from such a brilliant and internationally renowned artist, just at the moment in midsummer when we are able to come back together, reflect and celebrate the arts and heritage of our town.” Liz West is returning to Barnaby this summer as alumni as she previously exhibited in 2013 with her work Consumed.

Presence by Liz West, is a new temporary indoor site-specific work commissioned by Barnaby Festival. The work was completed in June 2021. For tickets and further details about Presence please visit or

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