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Shinuk Suh interviewed by Dateagle Art

Vanessa Murrell from Dateagle Art interviewed Shinuk Suh in his studio.

Here is the introduction:

"Artist Shinuk Suh’s works encapsulate sin, colourism and anxiety whilst referencing an assortment of figures, from Japanese writer Haruki Murakami to cartoon character Donald Duck. This wide spectrum of ideas reflects the twists and turns the artist has taken to reach his current practice, from studying Hotel Management to serving in the army. The artist reveals that these life experiences have continually shaped him to reach his sculptural process, from using pen and paper to express what could not be spoken during military procedure, to finding painting too fragmented as a medium. Utilising silicon to mimic the touch sensation of human skin and toning socially-gendered colours into pastels, Suh analyses modern political and cultural ideas. He draws upon the unconscious through implementing wave motifs in his works, bringing us into a space where the boundaries are blurred between dreams and reality, the tragic and the comic. Interested in delving into the ideology behind hand imagery and collapsed wreckage in his work, I visited the artist in his studio at the Slade prior to his degree show, where he tells me more about the ways that psychology informs his work, how he uses movement to convey a narrative and how this story usually begins through a primitive self-examination."

Read the full interview on Dateagle Art HERE

And see pictures from the studio visit HERE: A space that co-exists within two realities

All photography by Martin Mayorga

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