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Spoiling Our Desires by Xiuching Tsay

Tsay is a Thai born painter currently living between Thailand and London finishing her Masters at the Royal College of Art. Her practice is to irradiate a monumental object of memory on a canvas, resurrect its value and rediscover it through an ecstatic quality of vision. Water metaphors play an important role in her paintings, it opens up infinite imaginations; its tumultuous movement such as spiral patterns of whirlpool take over her emotions and introduces her the manifold spiritual sides of an object.

In Spoiling Our Desires (2018), Tsay believes:

“ Even a robot survives with a diversity of software. My body could not function with a pure savoury, as the spirit in my body cried for the typical sweetness.. Little bit of salt, lemon, milk and stickiness of fruity jam that can melt my aggressive desire.

Yes, I thirst for a frozen yogurt! Like a baby cried for a concentrated milk.

11 pm our favourite shop was closed. Dear desire, please calm down.

It took over my leg bones, crawling with hopes of completing the mission. How shameful of this city, there was not any late-night frozen yogurt. Nor chocolate bars could spoil our desire. The only place that we could think of is one in the dream.”

This painting simulates the experience of unexplainable craving that Tsay and her friends had in the last summer. The craving for dessert controlled their mind. The consciousness was melted. The emotion was in confusion. What she sensed was a ticklish feeling inside.

Tsay has been selected to be part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries where it will take place at Leeds Art Gallery (September - November) and South London Art Gallery (December - February).

More information about Xiuching Tsay HERE

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