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Trebuchet magazine review

Kailas Elmer wrote a very interesting review in Trebuchet magazine about our exhibition LUCE , titled "Making Light Work".

Here is an excerpt:

"Light still has the power to compel and great art has been characterised by its relationship to that which reveals and in revealing, teaches. If darkness is the unknown then light is the teacher. We are manifest in knowledge and disappear without definition. From these dreamlike, ontological bases creative artists have yearned and probed for millennia and in the contemporary world our fascination with light continues undimmed.

The Luce exhibition at the Daniel Benjamin Gallery brings together two emergent artists, Jemma Appleby and Liz West, around the common theme of light. While in general using such a primordial premise might not be considered selective enough to hold any real meaning, in this instance both artists present novel perspectives and the exhibition itself is a rare example of nuance and depth.

Walking into the Daniel Benjamin Gallery in Notting Hill, the large vertical mirrored prisms of West’s Our Spectral Vision dominate, emanating a bright tubed LED  light which reveals a depth of scintillation as the viewer’s position changes how the colours are experienced. Downstairs, Appleby’s precise black-and-white charcoal works describe a number of architectural scenes at once familiar and abstract, compelling and yet distant."


Read the full article HERE

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