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'When Shit Hits the Fan' with Yulia Iosilzon

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Yulia Iosilzon participates in a digital Instagram exhibition called "When Shit Hits the Fan" organized by Guts Gallery.

Gallery openings have been affected by the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Many art-related events, including Guts Gallery's have either been cancelled or postponed, causing a large economic impact on artists and smaller galleries. As the gallery claimed, wanting to challenge this situation and to support underrepresented contemporary voices into action, Guts Gallery decided to create a digital Instagram exhibition.

A mass part of all exhibiting works happened yesterday -26 March- at 6 pm on the Guts Gallery Instagram account. Instead of being in the physical space, the gallery through this private view gives the chance to the public, by posting all artworks simultaneously, to like, comment, share and view the artwork in one time and space.

Each artist will vote for three fellow exhibiting artists they think deserve to win The Guts Gallery Prize. The artist with the most votes will win a solo exhibition at The Room Upstairs Gallery in London later this year. Through this method the gallery aims to allow open collaborations between the artists as they vote to support each other's practices. The winner will be announced on the 16th of April.

Yulia Iosilzon, When You Were A Frog And Then Spent 10 Years in Jail

Exhibiting Artists:

Shadi Al-Atallah, Mike Ballard, Lydia Blakeley, Joe Bloom, Victoria Cantons, Douglas Cantor, Pallas Citroen, Robert Cooper, Rayvenn D'Clark, Kate Dunn, Liam Fallon, Lucia Ferrari, Noel Fielding, Jake Grewal, Sam Harris, Andrew Pierre Hart, Richard Hughes, Florence Hutchings, Yulia Iosilzon, Thomas Langley, Rosa Luetchford, Amy May George, Rosie McGinn, Trackie Mcleod, Polly Morgan, Sola Olulode, James Owens, Daisy Parris, Hunter Potter, Barry Reigate, Elsa Rouy, Valerie Savchits, Corbin Shaw, Florence Sweeney, Sophie Vallance, Wilfred Wood and Joy Yamusangie.

This exhibition is supported by A Room Upstairs Gallery.

Learn More at Guts Gallery

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