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Willem Weismann at Lucebert Foundation

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Dutch painter Willem Weismann starts a new residency at The Luceberthuis in Bergen this February.

The Lucebert Foundation promotes art by offering artists a temporary work and living space in the Luceberthuis, an artist in residence in the former Lucebert studio in Bergen.

For a long time, Luceberthuis was the home and studio of Dutch artist/ poet Lucebert (1924 - 2994), who was a member of the CoBrA art movement.

The house was originally built by Piet and Maria Boendermaker in 1928 as a space to show their art collection. Lucebert bought the buildinh in 1962 and had it renovated by architect Jan Rietveld.

Location: Boendemakerhof 10, Bergen

Learn more about Lucebert Foundation here


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