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Yulia Iosilzon at Platform Southwark

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Yulia Iosilzon is part of a two person show at Platform Southwark.

"RedivideR", a conversation between Yulia Iosilzon and India Nielsen, curated by Hector Campbell, is opening this Thursday at Platform Southwark in South London.

As the curator has claimed: "Both Yulia and India implement paralleled inspections of iconography, albeit with Yulia operating within the physical realm and India operating within the digital.

While Yulia dissects preconceived narrative-driven art-making resulting in fragmented representational compositions demanding resolution from the viewer, India utilises visual data mining to deconstruct the established pictorial language and present a fragmented yet functional alternative. As Yulia manages the viewers level of immersion through the use of the semi-transparent surfaces, at once revealing and concealing, so too India controls the viewers level of apprehension through the remixing and layering of references, at once accessible and impenetrable.

The palindromic nature of this exhibition’s title serves to highlight the two young artists twinned education and subsequent enduring friendship – both having received their BA’s from the Slade School of Fine Art and MA’s from the Royal College of Art, only one year apart in both instances – while simultaneously drawing attention to the correlations, and by association divergences, that exist between Yulia and India’s artworks and art practices."

Opening: Thursday 23rd January, 6-9pm

Dates: 23rd January - 8th February 2020

Location: Platform Southwark,1 Joan Street, SE1 London

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