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Sasha Ferré

Sasha Ferré’s practice investigates the deeply entangled nature of the living world. Her paintings on unstretched canvases come from a process-focused view of the living world, informed by her interest in ecology, the philosophy of biology and, especially, its ontological process. The artist's interest in ecology comes from a particular understanding of the world as a web and its infinite interconnections. Ferré’s belief is that humanity and nature are not separate entities but, instead, constitute the same living substance; a principle that’s at the core of her research. Her paintings are created on what she considers to be a terrestrial biome - the floor of her studio.

Ferré’s work appears as a constant infiltration of absolute exteriority into the inside whereby the process or system opens itself up to the outside and that which is not instantly graspable. The outcome seems to be focused on abstraction, but is just permeated by noise whereby  “all that is not information, not redundancy, not form and not restraints - is noise, the only possible source of new patterns” (Negarestani, 2008).

The process is one of a complex cyclical nature; an intricate power game between noise and order. It has a linearity that cannot be reversed. It exposes concepts and casts the viewer outside the edges of the painting, similar to the vegetation growing on the ruins of nuclear disasters.  We are not left with a representation of the natural world, but with an action in the world and by the world itself.

Maria Valeria Biondo

Sasha Ferré is a visual artist working and living between London and Paris. She has exhibited in the US and Europe and is the recipient of the Hine Painting Prize in 2020. Recently she was featured in the New American Painting Pacific Coast edition, and was selected for exhibitions in London at Saatchi Gallery, Fold Gallery and Josh Lilley Gallery. She holds an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art (London).


Biofilm (Red), 2020

Acrylic paint on unstretched canvas

105 x 82 cm


Biofilm (Mauve), 2021

Acrylic paint, oil pastel, oil stick and Himalayan salt on unstretched canvas

96 x 77 cm


Biofilm (Orange), 2020

Acrylic paint, oil pastel, oil stick and Himalayan salt on unstretched canvas

92 x 77 cm


Biofilm (Pink), 2020

Acrylic paint, oil pastel, oil stick and Himalayan salt on unstretched canvas

105 x 85 cm

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