Shinuk Suh


Man and Boy, 2019

Oil pastel on wood

84 x 56 cm


20% will be donated to the NHS

Man and Boy can be seen as the portrait of a father and son, or perhaps a young and older version of the self, perhaps even strangers on public transportation waiting for their stop. The hands barely touching, the eyes looking at the viewer or at the ground, the two figure create an invisible delicate balance in between them, symbolising the the equilibrium found with other people, as much as our own precarious inner balance.

Shinuk Suh (South Korea, 1988) practice commands a narrative heavily influenced by the artist’s upbringing and growth. He examines the ideology that his family, church, school, and the army (the state apparatus) in South Korea infused into him. He has felt a sense of deprivation in feeling the difference between his character and the ideological human image imposed onto him, feeling like a person who had fallen out of society. This ongoing sense of deviation often makes him flee from reality. His work also involves dream analysis. The personal trauma he has experienced in the process of recognizing the difference between trying to become the ‘ideal’ human (desirable role model) that was imposed on him from his background, and the ‘ideal human’ that is born out by his subsequent experiences that have troubled his unconsciousness to such an extent that it has caused him to have recurring nightmares. By incorporating kinetic features in his works, one sees dreamlike structures of machine-driven actions that reminisce the continuous movements within a factory’s production line.

Almost cartoonish, the distorted human figures have an eccentric visual impact, highlighting the helpless and powerless individuals living under such ideologies

Suh recently graduated from the MFA course in Sculpture at Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, with a monumental kinetic installation. He holds a BA (Hons) Fine Art from Central Saint Martins. Recent exhibitions include his first solo exhibition in London Invisible Balance at Daniel Benjamin Gallery, the solo exhibition at Unit 1, London, and more recently a two-person exhibition at the Korean Cultural Centre in London. Suh currently lives and works in London.

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