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Through No. 3

Liz West


1 October - 5 November 2020

Duke of York Square, London


Credit: Matt Alexander/PA

Daniel Benjamin Gallery is pleased to present "Through No. 3" by Liz West, a public art installation in Duke of York Square that will be visible for one month during the Kensington + Chelsea Art Week.

The installation is on loan from Allied London.

Through No. 3 is a six-metre long triangular prism corridor that continues the artist’s exploration of colour and light as primary material for artwork. The walk-through structure will encourage visitors to literally look at their surroundings in a different light.  

West says “Making your way inside the multi-coloured corridor through either side of the structure, visitors will see the world around them transformed by saturate colour. The coloured barrier between the outside and inside will create a multi-coloured striped cloak and distortion in an array of different hues, transforming the usual colourations and appearance of the outside environment.”

Working across a variety of mediums, West creates vivid environments with the aim of provoking a heightened sensory awareness in the viewer. She is interested in exploring how sensory phenomena can evoke psychological and physical responses that tap into our own deeply entrenched relationships to colour. Her intuitive and often playful approach to making sculpture and art installations leads to visually rich works that viewers cannot fail but to be drawn into. Underpinning West’s practice is Josef Albers’ colour theories and his Bauhaus teachings, which she references alongside an informed understanding of Newtonian optics and Goethe’s theory of visual perception.



Other recent projects by Liz West are a solo exhibition at the Hyvinkää Art Museum in Finland and a large scale permanent wall installation for the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Liverpool.

For that occasion the artist will release her first limited edition print, Our Melody Unwound.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of each print will support The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity.

More about LIZ WEST

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