Xiuching Tsay


A Night of Kidnapping, 2019

Oil on canvas

95 x 75 cm



20% will be donated to the NHS

"The night of kidnapper (2019)​ was inspired from the event that I witnessed on the night in Soho. There were a couple having an argument, A girl wanted to be away from her boyfriend, asking her friends to take her away from him but she didn’t mean to break up because she maybe still in love with him. By looking through her gaze, there are mixed feelings. If I were the kidnapper I am not sure if I did follow her true wish?

The definition of ‘being gazed at’ for me doesn’t mean to be looked at through the others’ eyeballs It doesn’t have to deliberate human or animals’ eyeballs.

Being watched, is something I cannot be avoided. It is normal to feel like every second I am being watched by something even if I am alone. It could be the sun, the moon and all the things that surround me."


Xiuching Tsay


One Heavy Vessel, Others Flew Away, 2019

Oil on canvas

100 x 100 cm



20% will be donated to the NHS

"One heavy vessel, others flew away (2019)​ consists of different vessels such as contemporary wine glasses and an ancient tea pot that inspired from a ritual vessel I found in V&A museum. In painting, I usually start with elements that I am not quite feeling engaged with. The alienated elements here are those contemporary wine glasses, with arrogant glares, the eyes that always look forward. By looking into those gazes, I feel like there is a filter that discriminates me from the contemporary society. Maybe because they have been growing so fast that I cannot follow? It’s like they keep moving erratically following waves.

I think this is not different to these days reality, this modern society, there are many people mentally suffering from loneliness even though they are living together (physically). A family meeting can be an example, we are eating together but our minds are in different places, our eyes are not connected by the same subject. Sometimes, they would look into their phone, but when their eyes met mine, I forcingly became quiet."

Detail - Xiuching-Tsay---Josh-Rowell---P