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Filippo Cegani


Filippo Cegani (Italy, 1993) paints metaphors of conversations or ideas, the imagery of masculinity, projecting metaphysical paintings in the third millennia. His most recent works present a research on armours and fetish gear. Both of these items have the peculiarity of masking an individual as well as protecting him. Cegani wants to create a sense of mystery in the painting, as if the image itself and its meaning is difficult to grasp, it seems to the artist that a message that is too direct makes the audience lose focus on the vehicle of the image itself. As the artist claims, forcing someone to analyze the painting makes the conversation between the viewer and the painting more personal.




While Supplies Last, Bellevue Museum of Arts, Seattle, USA

Camberwell Degree Show, London, UK

Pareidolia, Space Station Gallery and Daniel Benjamin Gallery, London, UK

Midterm Show for Camberwell Painting, Copeland Gallery, London, UK


Figurative NOW, Daniel Benjamin Gallery, London, UK

Camberwell University group show, CGP Gallery, London, UK

Got It For Cheap, Galli Golsa group show, Oslo, Norway

Got It For Cheap, PT.2 Gallery group show, Oakland, US 



Mixer Group Show, Protein Studio, London, UK





BA Painting, Camberwell University, London, UK

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