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Koshiro Akiyama


Koshiro Akiyama (Japanese, b.1994) creates an idealistic landscape that reflects on a psychological condition that deals not only with utopian ideals but also morbidity. In the mind there is a constant shift between tension and relaxation, which weaves its intimate narratives and a sense of ambiguity into the work. Using a phenomenological and simple process he depicts deeply private and intimate spaces, with a sense of compassion.

Influenced by the writings of Simone Weil (called by Susan Sontag "one of the most ... troubling witnesses to the modern travail of the spirit"), Koshiro’s work is grounded upon a melancholy rumination originating from the moment of his mother’s death. This event gave rise to both his melancholy and an impulse for escape from the inevitable fact of death.

Koshiro’s works are based on photos and memories. The mediums he uses, especially acrylic, ink and watercolour, are chosen to build up multiple transparent layers with fluid brushstrokes. Having absorbed the expressive, disturbing potential of Eduard Munch's work, he uses vibrant, even lurid, colours and with these he constructs illusionistic and dream- like worlds. The locations are often in an outdoor setting, such as the seaside, a ski resort or a park. Koshiro employs a direct, intuitive process to use these settings to create psychologically probing paintings.

Another significant factor in the aftermath of a period of depression is the moment of huge consolation: ‘catharsis.’ This moment comes close to freeing you from anxiety or despair. In Koshiro’s work, he attempts to express the feeling of it. It’s a meditative practice. Although the figures in his paintings are presented as vulnerable, he also tries to show the resilience of the human mind that is a symbol of power and beauty.


Selected Exhibitions



Nowhere to Go, Solo Exhibition, Nino Mier Gallery, LA 


Artissima, Duo Presentation, Daniel Benjamin Gallery, Turin

Root Systems, Group Exhibition, Nino Mier Gallery, LA

The Armory Show, Group Presentation, Nino Mier Gallery, NY

Bodies of Water, Solo Exhibition, Daniel Benjamin Gallery, London

Nature Holds a Mirror, Group Exhibition, Casa Astronoma, curated by Ambar Quijano, Mexico City

Gravity and Levitation, Solo Exhibition, Fabien Fryns Gallery, Dubai


Life is a Maze Which We Never Escape, Group Exhibition, Daniel Benjamin Gallery, London, UK

Do You Feel Me, Group Exhibition, Sapling Gallery, London, UK 

Group Representation, Moth Flower Gallery, Online
Liquid Friction, Ambar Quijano, Online
London Art Fair, Rhodes Contemporary Gallery, Business Design Centre, London, UK
RWS open 2022, Bankside Gallery, London, UK
An Allegory of Love and Time, New Normal Project, London, UK
Sunny Art Prize 2022, Sunny Art Centre, London, UK
Carnival of Clouds, Contemporary Works on Paper, Janet Rady Fine Art, Online

2018 - 2019 

Ichikenten, Exhibition hall in Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan


The graduation works exhibition of Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Research Project 2018, The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan


Ishimoto Sho Nihonga Exhibition, Sekisho Art Museum, Shimane, Japan



The Cabin by Danny First, Los Angeles (Upcoming)



Unit 1 Gallery Residency, London


Xiao Museum

Soho House Collection 

Nahmad Collection 

Pigozzi Collection 

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