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Marco Piemonte


Marco Piemonte (Italy, 1976) paints the illusion of life where absurd and surreal situation happen, as he considers the absurd to be one of the answers to life.
The subjects of his paintings often play the impossibilities of life and ironically the failure of the human being trying to pursue them. Piemonte often utilizes animals to mimic our conditions, painting allegories to represent human’s behaviours, fears and other concerns. Humour appears in his works as nervous reaction to the absurdity of modern life. In his last exhibition "The Accidents Maker" an innocent approach of accident making as art-making is highlighted by Piemonte through the autobiographical investigation of his own upbringing, when he would employ an unused cardboard box with one side removed as the theatre within which to create fictionalised scenes often involving the artists favoured toy cars.

Piemonte has been illustration and digital design lecturer for many years in London, before completing a MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art in 2018. The same year the artist had his first solo exhibition at Daniel Benjamin Gallery. In 2019 his works had been featured on Aesthetica Magazine and were shown at Young London Painters curated by Hector Campbell, Pareidolia at Space Station Gallery, Gestura at the Koppel Project.

Piemonte lives and works in London.


Selected Exhibitions



The Accidents Maker, Daniel Benjamin Gallery, London, UK (SOLO)


Gestura, The Koppel Project, London, UK

Summer Exhibition, Daniel Benjamin Gallery, London, UK

Pareidolia, Space Station Gallery, London, UK



Three Pillars, Chelsea Gallery, London, UK

Young London Painters, Arthill Gallery, London, UK

Figurative NOW, Daniel Benjamin Gallery, London, UK

Solo Show, Daniel Benjamin Gallery, London, UK

MA Degree Show, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK

Marching Through The Fields, Warbling Collective, London, UK

MA Interim Show, Chelsea College of Arts, Cookhouse, London, UK


Flux Exhibition, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK



Oillages, Stour Space Gallery, London, UK



Oillages, Forty7Gallery, London, UK



London Calling 2014, Dray Walk Gallery, London, UK

This Year’s Model 2014, Studio1.1 Gallery, London, UK



You Can Tell Me, Project Berlin Gallery, Berlin, Germany



SomethingSomewhere, Forty7Gallery, London, UK





"Aesthetica" the art and culture magazine, Issue #68 


"FreshPaintMagazine" Curated Selection for International, Issue #15




MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK


Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK


Graduate Visual Communication, Istituto Marangoni, Milan, Italy

Graduate Course in Comics - Scuola Romana di Fumetti, Rome, Italy   

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