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7 June - 28 June 2019

Installation Views

Artists exhibited: Alexi Marshall, Ant Hamlyn, Filippo Cegani, Giuseppe Lana, Jessica Rimondi, Josh Rowell, Lucy Gregory, Marco Piemonte, Marcus Cope, Mihael Milunovic, Paula Morison, Pola Dwurnik, Shinuk Suh, Willem Weismann.


The Space Station Gallery in collaboration with Daniel Benjamin Gallery are pleased to present Pareidolia, a group exhibition of fourteen international artists working across different mediums.


The idea underlying the exhibition is the pareidolia itself, an ancient Greek term that describes the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern.

Pareidolia, for example, is the force that allows us to see smiley faces on rocks, or horses in the clouds.


The artists selected all have different practices, mediums and paths of research; spanning from figurative to conceptual, installation to hyperrealism.


The artworks are free to communicate with each other: not constrained by the limitations and guidance of a specific exhibition theme, but instead left to speak directly to the viewer and to create an unprecedented conversation with the other works.


The innate instinct of pareidolia will trigger the viewer to seek patternsbetween the artworks and the artists, creating a personal dialogue unifying every work under the shared creative humanity of the artists of our time.


Each reading of the exhibition will differ with each viewer, as personal experience, belief and culture will inevitably influence our perception.

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7 June - 28 June

42 Hoxton Square

London, N1 6PB

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